About Us

About the Rum Cake Factory.


Over twenty + years ago Karen started making her Classic Rum Cake for family and friends.

Every time there was a family event, holiday, or birthday the request was always for “Rum Cake!!”

At some point, through word of mouth we were beginning to receive inquiries about our cakes and where they could be purchased. In 2017 we took a serious look … and observed that ‘Rum Cake’ was offered in very few eating establishments.

And so, Rum Cake Factory was born.

Now all can be delighted and transported by the flavors and pleasures of Karen’s rum cakes. We started out with the “Classic” (rum cake with chopped walnut topping), and since then we’ve added: Dark Chocolate Chip Rum Cake, “Naked” Rum Cake, and the extremely popular Guava Rum Cake and Dark Chocolate Chip Guava Rum Cake.

Our Guava Rum Cakes are generously covered with a sticky, delicious Guava Glaze. Both (cake and glaze) are ORIGINAL recipes that Karen developed in very short order.

Karen has been working on a Nutella Rum Cake recipe which has been a far more challenging and very, very messy one! She is getting closer to the ‘ready for prime-time’ product as demands for it have been increasing. It’s coming!

…. If your establishment is interested in offering Nutella Rum Cake … please contact us so you’ll be one of first to know as soon as it’s available!

*You can check out all our delicious cake offerings on our Cake Menu page: Our Cake Menu.