(Even) More Rum Cake Selections!

(Even) More Rum Cake Selections!

Rum Cake Small Bites                                                

Yummy bites of rum cake deliciousness that just pop in your mouth! Whether served on a silver platter or tossed together into a basket - they're absolutely tantalizing any way you serve them!

Available 'flavors':

Classic or Naked Classic

— lightly glazed and dusted with white powdered sugar.

Dark Chocolate Chip 

— lightly glazed and dusted with powdered cocoa.


— lightly glazed and dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar.

Orders - Terms (Wholesale)

— Seventy-two (72) small bites - minimum order. 

— With order of 3 regular-sized cakes, minimum order is twenty-four (24) small bites.  

— All sales are final upon delivery.  

— All payments are C.O.D. unless otherwise arranged in advance. 

— 'Small Bites' orders must be placed 72 hrs (min.) in advance.

Rum Bundt Cake Babies

(Information coming soon!)