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Little Mixer That Could (and Did!)

This little mixer ... affectionately named: "Not a KitchenAid" was very mighty and helped me bake for years! 


Did you know ... ?

This little mixer 'mixed' chocolate chip cookie dough for dozens of cookies baked, packed, and shipped to an entire company of the 82nd Airborne?

It is the most cookies I've ever baked ... and packed. This was our Christmas present for our son and his company while deployed to Iraq (2006-07). It was a miracle the 'little mixer' didn't catch fire. It smelled like she was going to.

During one of our son's deployments, he came home on leave and surprised me with this:   


My first KitchenAid 

And now ... 

KitchenAid Pro

Big sister gets to come home on weekends to visit.

What happened to "Little Mixer"? She retired with much dignity and respect and has a comfortable home in our kitchen. 

Karen EstradaKitchenAid