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Simply delicious! 

Guava Rum Cake

Our newest and quickly becoming our most popular! A Rum Cake Factory exclusive.  

Our guava rum cake will simply melt in your mouth and delight your taste buds.  

Luscious guava rum cake - drizzled with guava rum glaze. Decadent.


Find out more about this exquisite, one-of-a-kind rum cake that will have your guests and customers complimenting you over and over again! Only available from Rum Cake Factory.

How do we know our cakes are so delicious? Because of our customer's #rumcakelove 

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"Classic" never means 'boring'! 

Classic Rum Cake                                                                               

The original! Greatly celebrated, our longest running favorite.  

Our classic rum cake will wake up your taste buds in a most delightful way! 

Classically luscious, nutty, gooey, and decadent.


Take a look at some more amazing Classic Rum Cake photos or find out more about this classically exquisite rum cake that will have your guests or customers returning over and over again! 

How do we know our cakes are so delicious? Because of our customer's #rumcakelove 

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Dark Chocolate

Chocolate with your rum (cake) ... what an amazing combination! 

Let me introduce you to our Dark Chocolate Chip Rum Cake.

Stuffed full of dark semi-sweet chocolate morsels! Warning: no one who has tried our dark chocolate chip rum cake has ever been able to resist it! Seriously.  

Just ask the customers at Zest Market in downtown Miami.


This is a crowd favorite!  Are your guests or customers crazy about our rum cakes AND love chocolate too?

… This is the cake that will make YOU their favorite! 



Cinnamon, brown sugar and rum. Have it all for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  

Redhead now rivals the popularity of our Dark Chocolate Chip Rum Cake.

Consider our Redhead Rum Cake a win-win for those who love cinnamon, brown sugar and crave rum cake at breakfast-time! 


This rum cake is just the right solution for breakfast (or lunch, dinner, midnight snack, or whenever)! 



... and not a bit shy about it!

Naked Classic

-- greatly celebrated (often underestimated), another one of our long running favorites. 


Creative Chefs

... do many artistic things with Naked Classic. They cut 'Naked' into small pieces and serve them with a yummy warm chocolate or caramel fondue sauce. Wow!

Pure #rumcakelove



For chefs and 'foodie creatives' alike. You can dress her up and take her out too!  Play around with different things, from a Nutella glaze to spoonfuls of berries on top.

Any way you "cut it" - Naked is sure to be a complementary finish to any meal!


Rum Sheet Cakes

Your event guests will love our Rum Sheet Cakes!  

Our newest line of delectable rum cakes ... due to popular demand from event planners and banquet managers.

We listened and voilà - rum sheet cakes. Available in all our Rum Cake 'flavors' and available in a variety of sizes. 


Did you know - our sheet cakes are so distinct and delicious, they have even been requested for weddings? 

In fact, we're busy working on a tiered-version. "Here comes the bride!" 


Rum Cakettes

Have your cakette and eat it too! 

Inspired by our fine hotel partners - the ultimate guest amenity or dessert treat. 

These delicious treats are very popular with our fine hotels and resorts partners. They are served to hotel guests (amenities) and placed on the concierge floors as well. Their guests love them! Cakettes are available in every 'flavor'.


Our Rum Cakettes are an excellent addition to your dessert menu. 

Not convinced? Just ask any of our wonderful partners! You can find them here on our #rumcakelove page.


Rum Cupcakes

Our Rum Cupcakes are for grown-ups only!

Who says cupcakes are just for kids? Not us here at Rum Cake Factory - we love cupcakes and we believe your guests will love our cupcakes too! What fun! 


These are for grown-ups only! Our Rum cupcakes are very popular! Each come in their own cupcake paper - although they are also glazed as well. An absolute gooey delight - be prepared to get your fingers delightfully sticky! 


Rum Cake Variants

~ Our cake variants are extra (extra) good! 

Our Rum Cake variants offer even more delightful combinations of our most-loved regular size cakes. 

How does "Nuts for Chocolate" or "Redhead with Freckles" sound to you? 


Of course you are! Find out what we're up to next.  


Even More!!

Thought there was no more? There is!

More Rum Cake Selections.

We are always working hard to offer you even more delicious rum cake 'varieties'!

And we always appreciate your suggestions too! 


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